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Best IELTS Classes in Australia

IELTS is undoubtedly the most important entrance exam when it comes to moving overseas. For anyone who is applying to a foreign university or planning to immigrate to foreign countries IELTS is an absolute must.

Australia is a place where there are many aspirants hoping to study abroad. This is why there are so many different IELTS coaching centers in the city. But can you do well by joining just any institute?

If you are serious about your career and are very keen to make it to your dream country, it is best to go for a reliable IELTS coaching center. One has to make sure that the faculty teaching at the place has a good number of years of experience to make sure that they can provide the best kind of knowledge to the students.
While searching for a reliable IELTS coach in Australia, look for the following 2 aspects:
1. Experience in the industry
2. Reputation in the market
Shortlist your choices based on the above 2 criteria and you should be on your way to quality education and training.

Western Academy is one of the bestand reliable IELTS Coaching Center in Australia. Western Academy fulfils both of the aspects mentioned above. We have a 15+ years of experience in the industry and we have a very good reputation market, because of the quality of our training. We are located in Parramatta, Sydney. Western Academy provides you Study Abroad services for Australia and New-Zealand and take IELTS & PTE Coaching in the institution.

Our goal is to assist our students succeed in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and PTE (Pearson’s Test of English) by providing them with best IELTS & PTE coaching. Keeping this in mind, our trainers accommodate to the students’ needs by designing the comprehensive curriculum and schedule in a way that suits the student’s specific requirements.

The trainer initiallyassesses the each students’ strong points and weakpoints and then draftsa personalized study plan for their IELTS & PTE classes. This study plan benefits the students to increase their potential and achieve the desired Band Scores.

Being the best IELTS and PTE training Institute in Australia, we use various productive tips, tricks and strategies of IELTS coaching like Competent Time Management, free Mock Tests, doubt solving and Strategy Sessions etc. to give our students the best possible training they require. The classes are interactive and include numerous practice tests which focus on targeting common problems to improve exam performance.Western Academy has successfully trained and placed over 10,000 students from India and foreign countries.

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