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Biogas Plant market: Global Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014-2024 – Planet Market Reports


 Global Biogas plant Market Outlook

Market Overview
The production of biogas plays vital role in creating sustainable society and reducing dependency over fossil fuels. Broad feedstock availability is defining the future prospects for the production of bio-gas. Globally, biogas has been accepted as one of the most upfront technology for green energy production. Rising need of biogas between industrial process, municipalities and farmers to meet the growing demand of energy is likely to strengthen the demand of biogas plants in coming future. One of the major drivers for the growth of biogas plants market has been the GHG greenhouse gases mitigation. Substitute for fossil fuels and the reduction of carbon footprints are the major influence and the reimbursement for bio-energy and Bio gas plants. Moreover, shrinking oil reserves coupled with uncertainty of crude oil prices is further expected drive growth of global bio-gas plants. Rising awareness among the people towards environmental issues and GHG emission is expected to have positive impact on the growth of biogas plant market. Government regulation and policies to support the growth of renewable energy generation is further accompaniment the growth of biogas plants. The Europe introduces new regionally obligatory target, calling for minimum 27% renewable energy in final year energy consumption by 2030. In Middle-East, biogas plant market is expected to expand across the region, with new projects taking place in Iraq, Jordan and UAE. However, high initial investment and lack of skilled labor forces expected to hinder the growth of biogas plant market in Middle East.
Market Segmentation
By Biogas Plant Types
Small Scale Digesters
Fixed Dome
Floating drum
Balloon Plants
Horizontal Plants
Earth-pit Plants
Ferro-cement plants
Industrial Digesters
Batch Plants
Continuous Plants
Semi-batch Plants
Dry fermentation Plants
By Application Type
Electricity Generation
Heat Generation
Bio-Fuel Generation
By Feedstock Type
Food and Beverages waste
Industrial waste
Agricultural Waste
Sewage Waste
Energy Crops
By Geography

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North America US, Canada {Market Share % , Market Size USD Million }
Europe UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Russia, Poland and Rest of Europe {Market Share % , Market Size USD Million }
Middle East and Africa GCC Countries, North Africa, South Africa and Rest of Middle East & Africa {Market Share % , Market Size USD Million }
Latin America Brazil, Mexico and Rest of Latin America {Market Share % , Market Size USD Million }
Asia Pacific China, Japan, India, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Rest of Asia-Pacific {Market Share % , Market Size USD Million }
Rest of the World{Market Share % , Market Size USD Million }
Growth Drivers and Restraints
Rising need for green energy, depleting oil and fossil fuel resources and need for sustainable energy generation are the major factors sustaining the growth of global biogas plant market. Moreover, growing waste production and climate change also impel the growth of global biogas plant market. Modern biogas facilities are developing in regions with reliable and effective government support policies. The main element of successful government policies are assured access to the electricity and gas grid, monetary tariffs for electricity and biogas, education and training of labor force. Europe region is one of the amiable participants of global biogas plant market. Numerous policies and efforts by the regional government bodies are the major key factors in the development of Europe biogas plant market. Major biogas producing nations in Europe are Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland. Eastern Europe nations such as Bulgaria, Romania and Latvia are expected to strengthen the growth of European Biogas market. Approximately more than 1.2 billion people live without electricity in majority regions of Asia-Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa. Distributed renewable energy DRE plays an important role in providing electricity and other energy services to these populations. Biogas produced in biogas plants are majorly used in industrial and residential heating application. Biogas energy accounts for more than 10% of industrial heat consumption, which growing at about 1.3% annually from past 12 years. Major market players are adopting business strategies of merger and acquisition in order to sustain the market growth and to reinforce their market presence. However, high initial investments and difficulties in manure collection are some of the major factors restraining the growth of global biogas plant market. Entry level players are getting ease to enter into the market on the back of favorable government policies and support.
Market Size and Forecast
The global biogas plant market accounted for USD 26.4 billion in 2015 due to increase in recognition of biogas plants as environment-friendly alternative to fossil fuels and the functioning to reduce volume of disposed waste into landfills. Further, global biogas plant market is estimated to reach USD 49.7 billion by 2014 and anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 5.3% over the forecast period i.e. 2016-2024.
Geographically, Asia-Pacific dominates the global biogas plant market and accounted USD 12.3 billion in 2016. Asia region leads the world in using small-scale biogas plants or digesters to produce bio-methane gas for cooking and space heating. More than 4.3 million population of rural India and more than 100 million people of rural China have access to energy produced by bio gas plants. China is expected to dominate in Asia-Pacific biogas plant market, owing to support of financial funding to various projects. In 2017, Asia Development Bank has funded “Waste to Energy Project” WTE with collaboration of Dynagreen environmental protection group across China. Asia-Pacific region is closely followed by Europe with more than 30% market share in global biogas plant market. Germany remains the Europe s largest producer of biogas and the bio-power production capacity of 7.1 Gigawatt GW. Germany is the largest producer of biogas energy closely followed by France and Italy in the Europe Region.
Key Players
EnviTec Biogas AG
Business Strategy
Product Portfolio
SWOT Analysis
Air Liquide
Ameresco Inc
Kohler & Ziegler
Prometheus Energy
Scandavian Biogas
Cryonorm BV
Beijing Sanyi Green Energy Development Co. Ltd.
Biofuel USA Corporation

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Scope Background
Market Synopsis
Market Segmentation
The global biogas plant market is segmented as follows:
By Biogas Plant Type Market Size, Demand Analysis and Growth Analysis
By Application Type Market Size, Demand Analysis and Growth Analysis
By Feedstock Type Market Size, Demand Analysis and Growth Analysis

Global Biogas Plant Market Report covered insights of below mentioned regions:
North America U.S., Canada {Market Size, Growth Analysis and Opportunity Analysis}
Latin America Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Rest of Latin America {Market Size, Growth Analysis and Opportunity Analysis}
Europe Germany, Italy, Spain, France, The U.K., Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Rest of Europe {Market Size, Growth Analysis and Opportunity Analysis}
Asia-Pacific China, India, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Rest of Asia Pacific {Market Size, Growth Analysis and Opportunity Analysis}
Middle East and North Africa MENA {Market Size, Growth Analysis and Opportunity Analysis}
Rest of World {Market Size, Growth Analysis and Opportunity Analysis}

Market Dynamics: Growth Drivers, Restraints and Opportunities
Risk Factors
Regional Variations
Recent Trends and Developments
Key Market Players
Business Strategy
Product Portfolio
SWOT Analysis
Porter’s Five Force Model
Market Landscape: Competition and Beyond
Market outlook for business players and entry level players to ascertain their business in dynamic ecosystem
Expert Analysis
Concluding Remarks

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