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Dental Consumables Market Report
Dental Consumables Market Gaining Traction from Cosmetic Dentistry Global Dental Consumables Market CAGR to reach 7.2% In Coming Years

Over the forecast period, the global dental consumables market is anticipated to witness a CAGR of 7.2 percent. Some of the factors that drive the market growth include increased demand for cosmetic dentistry, increased access to dental facilities, and a growing population aging.

Factors that fuel the market for dental consumables include shifting patterns between patient preferences and increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry. The enhanced demand for cosmetic procedures has influenced dental practice as well as the dental consumables market. In addition, there has been a substantial investment over the previous five years in cosmetic dentistry.

According to a research survey, most procedures have experienced a phenomenal growth of 200%. In cosmetic dentistry, dental crowns and bridges are the main elements of development. Compared to males, women make up the bulk of the population undergoing cosmetic dentistry. Millennials and baby boomers have accelerated demand development, with millennials accounting for an increasing share of this income. Because this group has exceeded the baby boomers due to a big part of the U.S. population, the proportion of income is anticipated to accelerate and continue to rise in the coming years. The other factors are driving the market, such as increased access to dental facilities, global economic growth, and increased aging population.

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However, there is no dental insurance for a big amount of the population worldwide compared to general health insurance. Negligence towards dental care is one of the main variables that lead to such a tiny amount of coverage for dental insurance. Fifty percent of US citizens are revealed to have no dental insurance, and about 77 percent of individuals with dental insurance are delaying their dental care. This demonstrates that many people remain unaware of dental care and offer it the least priority. Because of this factor, individuals are not covered by insurance and have to pay for dental treatments out of their pockets. This ultimately restricts the market for dental consumables. Other factors, such as lack of awareness and dental apathy in developing nations, hinder the market growth

The Reports Scope:

Dental consumables are used in the therapy of dental impairment, tooth restoration, and related gingival tissue therapy. Owing to increasing oral illnesses and knowledge of oral care, dental consumables have excellent potential for further development.

Market Segmentation by Product Types:

  1. Dental Burs
  2. Whitening Material
  3. Dental Biomaterial
    • Dental Cement
    • Dental Bone Graft
    • Others
  4. Dental Anesthetic
    • Topical Anesthetics
    • Injectable Anesthetics
    • Others
  5. Dental Syringe
    • Non-disposable Syringe
    • Disposable Syringes/ Safety Syringes
  6. Endodontic Supplies
  7. Other Products

Key Market Trends:

Dental Bur is Expected to Hold Significant Market Share in Product Segment:

Dental burs are used to remove decay and clean and shape the teeth during dental processes. They are used before the introduction of fillings or crowns. Therefore, they are mostly used by dentists. Dental burs are available in various materials with advances and technological innovations. For disposable dental burs, if a bur is not used on a subsequent patient, the risk of patient-to-patient cross-infection with a contaminated item may be eliminated. Furthermore, time-consuming processes for cleaning and sterilization can be removed. Dentists tend to disregard pre-sterilization costs and time spent scrubbing burs and diamonds. As dental burs are some of the most significant instruments used in all dental procedures, it is anticipated that their demand will continue to rise in the coming years. Other factors driving the market are people’s growing awareness of dental aesthetics, rising per capita income, and increasing dental procedures affordability. The disputes connected with the use of burs or diamond abrasives for daily cavity preparation are the factors hindering the market growth of dental burs with the enhanced use of adhesive composites.

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Market Segmentation by Major Regions

  • North America
  • U.S.
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Europe
  • Germany
  • France
  • UK
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Russia
  • Asia Pacific
  • China
  • Japan
  • India
  • South Korea
  • Australia
  • The Middle East and Africa
  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE
  • South Africa
  • South America
  • Brazil
  • Argentina

Europe Dominates the Market and is expected to do the Same in the Forecast Period:

Europe dominates the dental consumables market, with the growing geriatric population in this region, along with enhanced financing to improve and expand oral health care services across the region.

According to the World Health Organization WHO s 2018 report, dental caries impacted about 20 percent –90 percent of six-year-old kids in Europe. At the age of 12, it was discovered that an average of 0.5–3.5 teeth were impacted by dental caries, and about 100 percent of individuals were discovered to be impacted by the same. Severe periodontal gum disease occurs in Europe in 5%–20% of middle-aged adolescents 35–44 years and in up to 40% of elderly adults 65–74 years.

Dental caries and serious periodontal disease contribute significantly to the loss of natural teeth. Approximately 30% of Europeans aged 65–74 have no natural teeth, reducing their function and quality of life. Meanwhile, over the forecast period, Asia-Pacific is expected to register significant growth.

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Competitive Landscape:

The market for dental consumer goods is highly competitive and is made up of several major players. Companies that hold significant market share in the studied market.

  • 3 M Company,
  • Dentsply Sirona,
  • Henry Schein Inc.,
  • Hu-Friedy Mfg Co.,
  • Ivoclar Vivadent AG,
  • Nakanishi Inc.,
  • Patterson Companies Inc.,
  • Ultradent Products Inc., and
  • Young Innovations Inc.

Table of Content Covers the Topics mentioned below

  1. Introduction
  2. Research Methodology
    • Secondary Research
    • Primary Research
    • Analytic Tools and Model
    • Economic Indicator
    • Expert Validation
    • Study Timeline
  3. Market Analysis
    • Industry Value Chain Analysis
    • Porters Five Force Analysis
    • PESTLE Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Y-O-Y Analysis
  4. Global Market Dynamics
    • Market Drivers
    • Market Restraints
    • Market Opportunities
    • Market Challenges
  5. Global Market – by Product Type
  6. Global Dental Consumables Market – by Geography
  7. Dental Consumables Market – Company Profiles
  8. Market Competitive Landscape
    • Market Share Analysis
    • Strategies adopted by top companies
    • Mergers, Acquisitions, Collaborations & Agreements
  9. Market Insights
    • Industry Experts Insights
    • Analysts Opinions
    • Investment Opportunities
  10. Appendix

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