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Diet Plan to help your body fight a virus – By Dr. Dana Al Hamwi, Clinical Dietician, India Gate

Despite being on a complete lockdown, washing our hands regularly and following all the directives stated by WHO, the number of coronavirus cases are increasing each day. Unfortunately, there is no specific medicine or treatment to cure it, yet. While bacteria can be killed by antibiotic, viruses have to be fought by our body immunity. Therefore it is important for us to take certain measures to boost our immunity and our body defenses, against this virus. This becomes even more essential for those tested positive in order to help them recover faster. Their bodies require essential nutrients and antioxidants to boost immunity to in turn fight the virus. A healthy immune-boosting diet is crucial to fight the corona virus. Dr. Dana, clinical dietician, India Gate shares dietary tips for coronavirus patients that will help them recover faster.

  1. Begin your day with a tablespoon of olive oil which is very useful in providing your body with healthy Omega 9 essential fatty acids as well as Vitamin E to boost your body immunity. Follow this by drinking a warm glass of water adding to it a slice of lemon and ginger which helps in providing antioxidants as well as neutralizing body PH which can increase your body defense against the virus. Besides this ensure you increase your intake of warm fluids in the form of water, herbal teas, etc. without sugar. Add a tablespoon of chia seeds to your drinks as it has inflammatory properties.


  1. Add to your diet a bowl of yogurt or preferably kefir to get healthy probiotics that enhances your digestive system immunity and body immunity. Add a teaspoon of Manuka honey and a little bit of cinnamon and turmeric for more benefits.


  1. Add a tablespoon of chia seeds to your daily diet as it has inflammatory properties.


  1. Include food rich in Zinc in your diet as zinc helps boost body immunity and also produces antibodies to fight against viruses. Eggs, beans and whole grains such as sprouted brown rice are good sources of zinc.


  1. Snack on fruits high in Vitamin C as this is extremely essential especially when your body is coping with a viral attack. Fruits like oranges, lemon, strawberries and green leafy veggies are a good source of Vitamin C. I also recommend 3 dates every day and a handful of nuts.


  1. Chicken broth soup with veggies such as broccoli, celery, cauliflower, zucchini, carrots onion and garlic is very helpful. Make sure you add turmeric to all your dishes while cooking as it has anti-inflammatory properties.


  1. Have a plate full of colourful salad every day to increase your intake of nutrients from fibre and antioxidants and add to it seeds such as flax seeds, and sunflower seeds which will enhance the magnesium and omega 3 intake which is very important to boost immunity and reduce stress levels.


  1. Keep protein levels high by including animal or plant based protein sources such as fish and quinoa to your diet.


  1. Taking dietary supplements for Vitamin C, E, D, probiotics and magnesium, in consultation with a specialist also helps the body fight the virus.


  1. Besides this, adequate amount of sleep will help a coronavirus patient recover faster.

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