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Don’t skip moisturizing during the summer – Himalaya

With the weather taking a warmer turn, your skin will require some extra TLC in the months to come.

While cleansing, exfoliating and using sun protection will be an integral part of our skincare routine, most of us usually give a skip to moisturizing during the summer due to the high humidity levels. This in fact is a wrong practice. Similar to the winter months, you must continue moisturizing your body, just ensure you shift to a lighter one.

Due to sweating, your body loses a lot of moisture during the summer. So, it is essential to hydrate your skin regularly. Use a moisturizing lotion with natural ingredient to ensure you skin remains hydrated, soft and supple throughout.

Himalaya has introduced a range of body lotions activated with plant ceramides that will keep your skin adequately moisturized during the summer.

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