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Healthy and Glowing Skin during Ramadan – Himalaya

How do you ensure your skin stays healthy and glowing while you fast?
This year, Ramadan falls during the spring/summer transition (hmm!), which presents its own
challenge in terms of skincare. Temperatures rise and you’re more likely to be exposed to strong
sunlight, as well as dealing with fasting for hours at a time.
Fasting does have benefits. When you aren’t digesting food for long periods of time, your body can
focus on its other processes. Spots and skin conditions such as eczema may clear up faster, though
detoxification sometimes does the opposite.
Here’s how to maximise fasting and your skincare:
Use sunscreen
Obvious, isn’t it? At this time of year, the sun beats down hard. Ramp up the protection with a
non-comedogenic (the fancy word for pore blocking) sunscreen.
We’re not suggesting you take on anything strenuous when you fast, but a little light exercise can
help. It will boost your blood circulation—essential for dewy skin—relieve any fasting-induced
headaches and remove toxins from your body quicker. Try a 15-minute stroll, yoga or Pilates.
Prioritise sleep
Late nights and changes in eating patterns are no friends to gleaming skin. Prioritise your seven to
eight hours if you can. If nothing else, spending more time asleep or in bed minimises the hours
awake with a rumbling tum…
Choose natural products
Especially during this season, it is best to opt for skincare products with natural ingredients, as
they are lighter on the skin and free from harmful chemicals and irritants. Products made from
plant based ingredients like Aloe Vera, activated charcoal, green tea and coconut work well for the
skin during the warmer months.
Avoid caffeine
Step away from the coffee when you break your fast. Caffeine is a diuretic and hydration is
important at this time of year. Water or herbal teas are your best bet.

Eat well
When the sun sets, it’s tempting to dive face first into the deep-fried fritters. But fill up on fibre-
rich dishes with proteins such as chicken and fish, salad, fruit and raw unsalted nuts and your skin
will thank you.
Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize
An oldie, but a goodie. A good skincare routine involves cleansing (a double cleanse if you wear
make-up), moisturizing, and exfoliation two or three times a week. Natural, oil-free face washes
and facial scrubs that include ground walnut shells for gentle exfoliation will boost your skin’s
Remove make-up before bed
It’s the golden rule of skincare. But we get why it’s tempting to skip this step during Ramadan. Late
nights, fasting, breaking the fast, eating a big meal… who can be bothered? Facial wipes are your
best friend—removing make-up and cleansing quickly and easily. Choose natural brands so harsh
chemicals don’t strip your skin of moisture.
Don’t forget the rest of your skin
It is tempting to focus just on our faces, but your hands, feet, arms and legs need a little loving
care at this time of year too. Treat them to a cocoa butter lotion, which will leave skin soft and

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