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Importance of Payroll Outsourcing Companies and Payroll Software

Processing payroll in-house can be costly, time-consuming, tedious and prone to errors. In addition, entrepreneurs may have trouble having all the payroll software on-hand to complete payroll tasks accurately and compliantly. Therefore, many business owners have come to prefer the expertise of payroll outsourcing companies.

Check out a few reasons why payroll outsourcing and software could help your business enjoy error-free, secure and compliant payroll processing.

Save Time and Money

No matter how many employees a business has, processing payroll requires a lot of time, as well as tremendous attention to detail. Payroll outsourcing companies can free up that time, which you as the entrepreneur can then dedicate to more vital business activities, such as improving workflow efficiencies, building revenue and refining sales and marketing strategies. You can also save the time spent on determining tax obligations, creating payroll reports and handling in-house payroll management.

Outsourcing companies can provide you with access to payroll software to automate mundane tasks, such as clocking attendance or making salary deposits, thus saving your time and resources.

Provide Accurate Financial Reports

Payroll outsourcing companies can offer weekly, monthly or yearly reports, such as earning statements, timesheets, payroll tax reports and monthly expenses for in-house and accounting purposes.

The payroll software they use can help businesses automate the data collection and tax declaration processes. Your outsourcing team calculates, verifies and processes payroll amounts electronically, thus keeping the information organized and easily accessible.

Maintain Compliance with Government Policies

Outsourced payroll consultants stay up to date on the changing rules and regulations that govern payroll, benefits and taxes for all geographic locations. They take on the responsibility and the accountability of your payroll management by helping you stay compliant, maintain accurate records and avoid tax penalties. In addition, payroll companies can offer services to calculate and file state and federal payroll taxes for your business.

Increase Data Security Using the Latest Technology

There are several risks involved in managing payroll in-house that can lead to information theft, such as tampering with company files, a security breach of in-house payroll software and security flaws in the server or the network where you keep your data. Payroll outsourcing companies store your data on highly-secure servers that use advanced encryption technology to protect your sensitive information. They also provide you with compliant, secure payroll software for employee self-service.

Grant Access to 24/7 Customer Service

Payroll outsourcing companies can provide you with access to a 24/7 customer service team. They can help your staff members resolve any issues, no matter the time of day. Payroll processors can provide expertise in payroll and tax deductions to minimize your owed amounts, and can adjust your payroll figures according to updated federal, state and local tax guidelines. Many payroll outsourcing companies also offer mobile applications and remote access for employee self-service to save time and resources.

Mitigate Payroll Mistakes

Payroll errors can be costly to both employers and employees – these can lead to fines, extra taxes and penalties for improperly calculated tax obligations. Payroll experts can find such errors during processing and correct them before they become an issue.

Many payroll companies provide an integrated benefits platform allowing business owners to add or remove employees from the benefits programs. The platform can also help you calculate the amounts deducted from each paycheck to avoid any payroll mistakes. These integrated programs can give employees the ability to handle general tasks on their own, such as submitting time-off requests, completing on boarding paperwork and updating personal information.

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