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IoT Managed Services Market
Managed Services Market | Global IoT Managed Services Market Analysis Research Report Global IoT Managed Services Market

IoT deployments are setting the stage for digital transformation of business units at a global scale. IoT deployments go through multiple stages and each stage requires integration of several dimensions that are not simple to comprehend. Global IoT managed services is an emerging solution with multi-network support and integration of different technologies and services by a single vendor. The advantages of global IoT managed services solutions are driving adoption across the globe with players incorporating new offerings for developing a one-stop solution.

Competitive Analysis

The global IoT managed services market is witnessing a growth in number of players that are striving to offer end-to-end capabilities to the customers. Several IoT specialist players have ventured into the global IoT managed services market with innovative value propositions. The report provides a detailed analysis of these key players and various technologies, platforms, services, use cases, partnerships, and network support provided by them. The report also includes various business models adopted by different players in the IoT managed services ecosystem and highlights the diverse growth strategies followed by the key players.

Global IoT Managed Services Market Key Insights:

  • Global IoT managed services are gaining traction for cross-border solutions and use cases
  • Most of the key players are focused on providing hybrid infrastructure cellular and non-cellular, while some are banking on cellular-only operating models
  • Companies are leveraging new switching mechanisms for transition from cellular to non-cellular networks to ensure seamless connectivity
  • Key players are incorporating various growth strategies such as acquisition, reduced pricing, and focus on developing economies among others
  • 5G networks, LEO satellites and devices supporting Ka-band frequencies, AI-enabled network switching and optimization, and integration of other emerging technologies are likely to define the future of seamless and reliable connectivity solutions in the global IoT managed services ecosystem

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Key questions addressed in the report:

  • What is the significance of global IoT managed services?
  • What are the advantages that are driving the adoption of global IoT managed services?
  • What does it mean for the enterprise and the CSPs?
  • Who are the key players in the domain?
  • How do the key players compare in terms of network support, switching mechanisms, global coverage,
  • managed connections, growth strategies and future focus?
  • What are the different business models adopted in the overall IoT managed services ecosystem?

Introduction to Global IoT Managed Services Market

  • The Significance of IoT Deployments
  • IoT Deployment Concerns
  • The Complexities Involved at Different Stages
  • Road Towards Developing a Global IoT Solution
  • Simplifying Complexities with Global IoT Managed Services
  • Global IoT Managed Services:
  • Full-Service Model
  • Advantages Driving Adoption
  • Overview of the Ecosystem

Competitive Analysis

  • Companies Providing Global IoT Managed Services
  • Other Business Models
  • IoT Management Platform Providers
  • Proprietary MNO Connectivity Management Platforms
  • SIM Management Solution Vendors
  • Support for Satellite Connectivity and 5G

Case Studies

  • Case Study 1: Implementation for Connected Exoskeletons
  • Case Study 2: Factory in a Box
  • Case Study 3: Macadamia Nut Farm
  • Case Study 4: Opportunities in IoT Managed Services in the African Market
  • Support for Satellite Connectivity and 5G

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Geographic Analysis

  • Further breakdown of the North American data-wrangling Market
  • Further breakdown of the European Market
  • Further breakdown of the APAC Market
  • Further breakdown of the MEA Market
  • Further breakdown of the Latin American Market

Please note that owing to the criticality of the Multichannel Analytics Market and rapidly changing market attributes, we are in the middle of updating the report. The final report may require 2 to 3 working days post-confirmation in order to cater to the most recent updates.

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