Solar Inverter Market Worth 11.06 Billion USD By 2023 | CAGR 14.12%<span class="rating-result after_title mr-filter rating-result-3981">			<span class="no-rating-results-text">No ratings yet.</span>		</span>
Solar Inverter Market Worth 11.06 Billion USD By 2023 | CAGR 14.12%

Photovoltaic Inverter Market

The Photovoltaic Inverter Market was $ 3.41 billion in 2014, and is expected to reach $11.06 billion by 2023, registering a CAGR of 14.12% during the forecast period. Photovoltaic Inverter is an electrical device which converts Direct Current DC form a photovoltaic solar panel into Alternating Current AC that can be used by commercial electrical grid or local electrical grid. Photovoltaic Inverters play a vital role in any solar energy system and are treated as intellect to that system. Companies have successfully done the modification in Photovoltaic Inverters for manufacturing purpose and are setup to start manufacturing units seeing the demand for solar energy. In year 2017, countries like China, America and Japan together hold 65% of the total market of Photovoltaic Inverters.

Drivers and Restrains

The global market is driven by the increasing pollution that is been caused by coal and natural gas burning for generating energy for daily use. These resources coal and natural gas are sparse and a limited the need for other resources in coming-up one of which is the solar energy. Solar energy is more predictable, even if spread over a larger, after pairing its more reliable. Capital cost is one of the restrains as the initial building and installing solar farms is high. Decentralized model is another restrain as the power plants are small and situated at a distance from each other there energy gathering and transmission becomes hectic.

End User Outlook and Trend Analysis

The end user or applications of Photovoltaic Inverter are Residential, Commercial colleges/universities, office, government, military, etc. , Industrial chemical, paper, food processing, etc. and Utility. When dealing with the end user point of view it has vast application area. The growing awareness about renewable energy and Government involvement subsidies people are turning towards these energy options.

Regional Outlook

China is the leading in solar energy production and seen as the most desirable market for Photovoltaic Inverters. China is producing an estimated 130GW of solar energy. The US is second largest Photovoltaic Inverter market is estimated to grow in coming few years. The regulatory measures by US government and the positive outlook of people toward using renewable resources is the reason behind the overall industrial growth. In US there are about 6000 major and minor running solar projects generating about 85GW power. After China and US, countries like Japan, India and Europe are leading the table.

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Competitive Insights

The leading players in the photovoltaic inverter market include Elettronica Santerno, Enphase Energy, SMA Solar Technology, Enphase Energy, Emerson Electric, Schneider Electric, Tabuchi Electric Co., Ltd., TMEIC, Panasonic, The Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd., Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd., Growatt New Energy Technology, Shenzhen KSTAR, REFU Elektronik GmbH, Samil Power, SatCon, Sineng, Solar Edge, Delta Group, SolarMax, TBEA, Chint Group, Fronious International, Omron, KACO New Energy, Huawei, ABB, General Electric.

The Photovoltaic Inverter Market is segmented as follows-

By Power Class

Single Phase Inverter
Three Phase Inverter

By Nominal Output Power

≤ 300 W Photovoltaic Inverter
> 110,000 W Photovoltaic Inverter

By Nominal Output Voltage

≤ 230 V Photovoltaic Inverter
> 600 V Photovoltaic Inverter

By Connectivity

On grid Photovoltaic Inverter
Standalone Photovoltaic Inverter

By Product

Micro Photovoltaic Inverter
String Photovoltaic Inverter
Central Photovoltaic Inverter

By Application

Residential Photovoltaic Inverter
Commercial Photovoltaic Inverter
Industrial Photovoltaic Inverter
Utility Photovoltaic Inverter

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By Region

North America



Rest of Europe


South Korea
Southeast Asia
Rest of Asia-Pacific

South America

Rest of South America

Middle East and Africa

Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Rest of MEA

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