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5 Hidden Health Benefits of Quinoa

People these days have become increasingly conscious about their health. They are particular about their lifestyle, watch what they eat and complement it with regular physical activity and work out. This change has in turn led to a shift in eating habits with people replacing many traditional staple ingredients such as wheat with healthier options such as quinoa.

Yes, quinoa is one such super food that, today, has become an important staple ingredient for many people. This is because quinoa is not only laden with a number of nutritional benefits but is tasty too. It has a subtle nutty flavor which enhances the taste of the dishes made using it.

Quinoa is easily adaptable to various tastes and cuisines. It is also famously known for its healthy nutritional benefits such as being rich in proteins, fibre, iron and more. Besides these there are a number on hidden health benefits of quinoa that are not known to many. The experts at India Gate take you through them:

Boosts lactation for moms

It’s quite important to choose the right kind of food when you’re pregnant so that your baby can be healthy. There are some foods that are good and some that you should definitely avoid. Planning a good diet is extremely crucial when one is pregnant. Keeping babies healthy is very critical and what a lactating mother eats directly impacts her milk. Quinoa is the answer to keep yourself and your baby super healthy and happy. With its healthy nutrients, antioxidants, and high levels of magnesium, lysine, phosphorous, calcium, manganese, iron, and potassium this cholesterol and gluten free, hypoallergenic super grain is perfect for breastfeeding moms.

Higher protein than egg

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, protein tops the priority list of any diet. Protein helps in building muscle tissues. For those looking for protein boost, quinoa beats eggs hands down. The proteins you get from quinoa consist of all the nine amino acids. Simply put, with quinoa you can enjoy pure protein. Quinoa is also high in fiber so it gives a higher satiety value, i.e., keeps you full for a longer time, which is very important as it reduces the consumption of food and sometimes junk food.

Helps manage diabetes

Quinoa has the best combination of high fiber and protein to combat blood sugar spikes and help manage your diabetes. This diabetes-friendly food is also a healthy alternative for people who are sensitive to gluten found in wheat. Quinoa can also be effectively used to manage sugar levels.

Super weapon for weight loss

If you have resolved to drop some kilos then quinoa is your best bet. Why? Because it is loaded with fiber, which plays an important role in weight loss. Quinoa also helps keep blood sugar steady and since protein takes more energy to break down than carbs or fat, we actually burn more calories during digestion.

Enhances digestion and detoxification

Quinoa is low on glycemic index. This is important mainly because it helps balance blood sugar and stress. With its low glycemic index, quinoa is absorbed and broken down at an appropriate pace. This not only makes it super easy for the adrenals, pancreas and liver to balance blood sugar, it also ensures that other critical functions such as hormone communication, digestion, and detoxification work efficiently.

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